Set Up A Basic Plant Nursery

Set Up A Basic Plant Nursery

Set Up A Basic Plant Nursery

18 April 2022
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Setting up a backyard nursery may eventually lead to you acquiring an additional income stream. Indoor and outdoor plant varieties may appeal to people who reside and work in your community. Begin with a set of basic nursery planning stages. After you grow and sell your first batch of plants, keep the growing cycle active or add some alternate plant varieties to your nursery.

A Nursery

A plant nursery can be set up inside of a greenhouse or can be built inside of planters or shelving structures that are placed outdoors. The climate where plants will be growing may reflect upon the amount of coverage that a nursery will need. For example, if you reside in an area that often experiences cold temperatures well into the spring, plants may need to remain in an insulated structure that won't subject the plants to the cold.

A nursery should be located in an area that will be easy to access. There should be a water source nearby, which will allow you to hydrate the plants as needed. A nursery should also be located within an area that receives sufficient sunlight and shade. If a nursery will be built inside of a structure that contains a rooftop, grow lights can be used in place of natural sunlight.

The Plants

The plants that you grow can be varieties that are commonly grown and displayed indoors or outdoors. Consider your success at growing plants in the past. You may have a particular vegetable plant variety or houseplant variety that you are truly fond of. If there is a particular landscaping plant or vegetable plant that is popular within the region where you live, you may want to add this variety to your plant inventory.

Avoid growing plants that require care techniques that you cannot provide. If you live in a cold climate, you will want to stick to plant varieties that are hardy and resilient to temperatures that dip down below freezing. Consider how you will market your wares. If you are going to sell flats that contain multiple plants and single containers that contain individual plants, purchase some biodegradable holders.

Biodegradable holders include peat moss or recycled newspaper planters. These items can be placed directly into the ground or in a pot. The materials that a biodegradable holder is made of will blend in with soil. Set up a care schedule for the plants. The plants should be inspected and watered at scheduled times.

For more information, contact a plant nursery in your area.