Have A Bare Area In Your Yard? Use Yard Mulch To Cover It Up

Have A Bare Area In Your Yard? Use Yard Mulch To Cover It Up

Have A Bare Area In Your Yard? Use Yard Mulch To Cover It Up

13 September 2022
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If you have a bare area in your yard, this can look bad. You could plant grass to cover this area up or you could use yard mulch instead. Below are some different types of mulch to choose from, as well as the benefits of choosing this. 

Types of Yard Mulch

When it comes to mulch, organic mulch is often used for yards. This includes things like shredded bark or bark that comes in small nuggets, clippings, trimmings from your yard, and more. All of these mulches break down on their own over time. They then provide nutrients to the soil, which is beneficial if you plan to plant grass, flowers, etc. on the bare area. If you choose organic mulch, put about two to three inches of it over the bare soil. 

There is also inorganic mulch that can be used. This type does not break down, however. This can be beneficial as you do not have to replace the mulch as often. Inorganic mulch includes things like plastic, recycled rubber, landscaping fabric, and more. This type of mulch may include slow-releasing herbicides to protect the bare soil from weeds. 

Benefits of Yard Mulch

There are many benefits of using yard mulch other than the aesthetic appeal. You will not have to worry about weeds growing in the area. This is because mulch covers the soil so the weeds cannot get the sun that they need to grow. The weeds are then suppressed and die. This saves you a lot of time because you never have to worry about pulling weeds, and some weeds can get out of hand very quickly. You do not have to use herbicides on the soil to kill weeds. 

You could place mulch in a garden if you have one in your yard, as well as around trees. In gardens, weeds are suppressed. This keeps flowers healthy as weeds compete with water and nutrients. Placing mulch also prevents water runoff so the water stays on the soil where it is needed. If you have young trees in your yard, spread mulch around them to protect the roots from winter and to ensure the roots get enough water. Make sure the mulch does not touch the trunk of the tree or it can smother it. 

You can purchase yard mulch at garden centers. If you plan to use a lot of it, you can find companies that will deliver it to you.  

For more information about topsoil mixes, contact a local company.