The Use Of A Towable Turf Aerator

The Use Of A Towable Turf Aerator

The Use Of A Towable Turf Aerator

8 February 2022
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Using a hand aerator that either needs to be pushed by hand or moved strategically across land that will be plowed is laborious and may not provide the land with a consistent texture. A tow behind turf aerator is a piece of equipment that eliminates the need for manpower.

Aeration Essentials

Aeration removes clumps, allowing water to filter through the soil that surrounds crops. This task is typically performed at the beginning of a planting season. The disruption of land that an aerator is noted for could damage plants that are already growing within a region. Hand tools are often small in size and will only aerate a small section of land at a time. A towable piece of equipment that contains metal tines may be wide and heavy. This type of equipment can reduce the workload that a farmer or another agricultural worker needs to perform.

A Tow Behind Model

A tow-behind model can be attached to a plow, an all-terrain vehicle, or any other piece of equipment that is manually driven. When shopping for a piece of equipment, an assessment of the width and weight of a turf aerator should be assessed. Some products may be designed for barren land that will be used for planting purposes. Equipment that contains an aerator that is not as bulky may be suitable for aerating a lawn or another plot of land where a sparse amount of grass is growing.

Towing capabilities should be researched, since some models may contain a chain apparatus and others may contain a full framework and tow bar. The vehicle that will be pulling a tow-behind model should be able to handle the load weight and size of the equipment. The rating for a particular model will indicate what types of aeration applications the equipment can be used for. Some equipment that can be quickly hooked up to a vehicle may be marketed as an interchangeable model.

This type of model will offer an end-user some flexibility. If various types of farming equipment are utilized, a farmer can use an aerator with each piece of machinery that they will be driving. For instance, if a plow is going to be used and the machinery will have a front extension piece hooked to it that will be responsible for clearing a section of land, a farmer can attach a turf aerator to the backside of the equipment. As each section is plowed, the land behind the cleared land will be aerated soon afterward.

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