Three Places to Use a Leveling Drag

Three Places to Use a Leveling Drag

Three Places to Use a Leveling Drag

12 January 2022
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If you own an all-terrain vehicle that you frequently use for projects around your property, it's useful to be aware of the many different accessories that you can use with this type of vehicle. One popular product is a leveling drag. As its name suggests, this is a device that you connect to the rear of the ATV and drag around the ground to make it leveler. A store that sells various types of garden equipment will often carry a few types of this product, which will allow you to choose one in the right size for you. Here are three places where you can use a leveling drag.

Gravel Driveway

There are lots of benefits of having a gravel driveway, but one of the challenges of this material is that ruts and grooves will often develop over time. If your driveway no longer has the level surface that you want, you might worry that it could be hazardous for people to walk on. A good way to solve the issue is with a leveling drag. You can make repeated passes around the driveway to smooth it out. The leveling drag will pull gravel off the surface of the driveway into the ruts and grooves, creating a like-new look before long.


If you have waterfront property with a small beach area, you likely want to keep the sand as flat as possible. Children's activities such as building sandcastles can often leave divots in various areas around the beach. Pulling the leveling drag behind your ATV will fill in any voids throughout the beach and give it a smooth surface that is conducive to lying on a towel, playing beach volleyball, and other similar activities. The lack of voids on the beach also means that water won't be trapped in these areas, resulting in unpleasant wet sand.

Baseball Infield

Perhaps you have a large enough yard that you've created a baseball field for your kids to play. Or, maybe your children and their friends play at a local diamond that has seen better days. Whatever the case, using a leveling drag on the infield dirt will give it a smooth surface. Bumps that form over time can not only increase a player's risk of tripping but can also cause ground balls to bounce in errant ways. It's relatively easy to thoroughly smooth out a baseball diamond's infield to create a consistent playing surface for those who use it.

For more information about how leveling drags can help you, contact a local garden shop.