Getting the Right Topsoil Mixtures for Flowerbeds and Landscaping Projects

Getting the Right Topsoil Mixtures for Flowerbeds and Landscaping Projects

Getting the Right Topsoil Mixtures for Flowerbeds and Landscaping Projects

14 June 2021
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If you are planning major renovations to your landscaping, you are going to need topsoil. The plants that you may be planning on using in your landscaping design may have different soil requirements. Therefore, you may need more than just a truckload of soil. You may need other materials or specially formulated mixes. The following topsoil mixes guide will help you get the right mixtures for your landscaping projects.

Mixtures for Different Types of Turf

Modern grass seed mixtures have been developed for different climates. This can cause issues when you add topsoil to begin growing grass. The best way to create the perfect turf is to have topsoil and sand delivered to make your own mixture. You may want to add materials like peat moss to your mixtures for soil retention and a healthier lawn. You can also add slow-release fertilizers to the mix. If there are bad spots in your lawn, use the sand to even them out.

Mixtures for Flower Beds with Common Plants

The flowerbeds are another area where you may need to add topsoil to your landscaping. These areas are different from the turf of lawns because they may not be completely covered with plants. Therefore, you can use a normal topsoil mixture for these features. In areas where plants are going to be located, you can dig a deeper hole with more topsoil.

Custom Mixtures for Plants That Need Drainage

In some landscaping designs, there may be plants that need better drainage. Therefore, you are going to need to plan for the installation of these plants and the topsoil mixture you use. These plants should have topsoil mixtures with a higher sand content to provide drainage. If you get a lot of heavy rains, dig a hole for plants that are deeper than the plant's root systems. At the bottom of the hole, add a layer of gravel and then use a layer of sand before planting with the topsoil. This will ensure the plants have the drainage they need.

Special Mixtures for Delicate Plants  

There are some plants like orchids, which are really delicate. These plants require special soil mixtures and drainage. For example, an orchid needs to have excellent drainage and a minimal amount of organic matter like bark. Other plants like azaleas will require their own special type of topsoil mixture to promote healthy growth.

The right topsoil mixtures are important to ensure your new plants grow to be healthy. Contact a topsoil and landscaping supplies service to get the right mixtures for the next project you are planning for your gardens.