Design Considerations for an Outdoor Fireplace

Design Considerations for an Outdoor Fireplace

Design Considerations for an Outdoor Fireplace

29 July 2020
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Many homeowners add ambiance to their backyards with portable fire pits, but if you're looking for something more permanent, consider an outdoor fireplace. Many local companies can work with you to produce a custom fireplace for your patio or elsewhere in your yard.

Perhaps the most important decision to make is what material you'll choose for the fireplace — options can include brick, stone, stucco, and more. Once you have your material in mind, you'll want to think about some design considerations that will help to make this fixture a key focal point in your yard. Read on to learn more.

Large Hearth

One idea that you should consider for your outdoor fireplace is a large hearth. This feature increases the amount of space that the fireplace will occupy, but offers a number of advantages. From a safety perspective, a large hearth will keep children from getting too close to the fire. Additionally, this surface will be ideal for storing fireplace-related items. When you're not using the fireplace, the hearth can work well as a seating option for when you have a large group of guests hanging out in your backyard.

Firewood Storage

If you plan to use your outdoor fireplace frequently, you'll need a large supply of firewood. For example, you might decide to get a shed that you can fill with wood or a rack inside of your garage that can hold the logs. It's ideal, however, if your outdoor fireplace has some space for firewood storage. One option is a built-in shelf on each side of the structure. Another option is space beneath the hearth. Built-in firewood storage is ideal because you'll have the logs close at hand. This will save you the hassle of going to retrieve extra logs from elsewhere when you're entertaining guests.

Wide Opening

The size of the fireplace itself will partially dictate the size of the opening in which you build the fire. Generally, however, you'll want this opening to be as wide as possible. There are many reasons for this. A wider opening will allow more heat to flow out the front, while also providing more light from the flames when you're relying on the fireplace to partially brighten your patio at night. If you're toasting marshmallows over the fire with your family, a wider opening to the fireplace will make it easier for multiple people to get their marshmallows over the flames.

To learn more about building an outdoor fireplace, speak to a contractor near you.